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Snow Removal Services

Winter in Edmonton is truly a sight to behold, with its picturesque snow-covered landscapes and cozy, frosty ambiance. But as the snow falls, it's not all about picturesque scenes and snowball fights – it's also about ensuring your daily routines continue seamlessly. Our city is no stranger to heavy snowfalls, and navigating through the winter wonderland can be quite the challenge. That's where Grade A Cleaning steps in as your trusted local partner. We understand the unique demands of our local climate and the significance of timely, efficient snow removal. Our expert team is here to make your winter experience safer and more convenient in South Edmonton.

We don't just remove snow; we remove worries. Our commitment to local residents goes beyond the seasonal snowfalls – it extends to providing dependable, quality service that you can rely on. Our goal is to ensure that you can go about your day without the stress of snow or ice covered obstacles. Experience the Grade A Cleaning difference and discover how our snow and ice removal services can make your winter a little warmer.

Snow Blower South Edmonton

Experience the Benefits of Our Snow Removal Services

Stress-Free Winters

Say goodbye to the stress of waking up to a snow-covered property. Our snow removal services at Grade A Cleaning ensure you can go about your winter days stress-free. Picture stepping out to clear walkways, a driveway ready for your car, and safe, ice-free paths for your family. With us, you gain more than a snow-cleared property; you gain peace of mind and a hassle-free winter.

Enhanced Safety

You and your loved ones' safety are paramount during the winter season. Our snow removal expertise translates into safer walkways and driveways, reducing the risk of slips and falls. We don't just clear snow; we manage ice effectively to create secure, hazard-free outdoor spaces. Choosing Grade A Cleaning means choosing enhanced safety for you, your family, and anyone who visits your property.

Uninterrupted Daily Routine

Winter shouldn't disrupt your daily routines. With Grade A Cleaning's snow removal services, you can continue your life without interruptions. No more delays caused by heavy snowfalls; we're committed to keeping your outdoor spaces accessible and functional. Enjoy the benefits of a winter that doesn't disrupt your plans, meetings, or daily activities. Choose convenience, choose Grade A Cleaning.

Frequently Asked Snow Removal Questions:

Which areas of the city do you service? At present, our service routes are primarily concentrated in the south and west areas of Edmonton. If your residence falls within the vicinity of one of our established routes, we'd be delighted to welcome you as a valued customer.

Do you require us to sign up for the entire winter? Yes, we do. In order to plan for the number of employees we’ll need to service our customers, we require you to sign a contract from November 1st through March 31st.

How soon are you out after a snowfall’s complete? As per the industry standard, we guarantee we’ll be out within 24 hours. However, we’re often out much sooner than that. We reverse our routes every snowfall to ensure we’re fair to all of our customers.

What do you use to clear the snow? We use backpack blowers, snow blowers, shovels, and ice chippers. We’ll come prepared for whichever snow clearing method is necessary for that snowfall.

Do you offer any ice melt or road crush as part of your service? Yes! We offer ice melt for our customers at a price of $1.50/lb. We keep track of how much we use on each property, and will charge you for the service at the end of the season.

Is your ice melt child and pet-friendly? Truth be told, there isn’t an ice melt out there that is entirely friendly to pets and children. That being said, we use the safest product on the market. On the product’s packaging it states that it’s “non-toxic,” “safer for children and pets,” and that it “won’t burn skin.”

We have a sensitive surface that we need snow cleared off of. Can you accommodate us? Yes, we can! As previously stated, we’ll do what it takes to fit your snow removal needs.

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